Version 1.12 - Pohnpei
Core - General
- Now require that register_globals be OFF. This may generate errors for some sites, you MUST change their PHP config if register_globals is on! [Security fix]
- Smarty template security fix
- Replace stub file for function.process_pagedata.php
- Fixes Admin homepage issue (Note: current homepage must be reset!)
- Adds the CmsAdminUtils class (new utility class for Admin requests). Currently with two static methods
- Fixes to HTML entity decoding
- PHP 5.2.x compatibility issues
- Remove the html_entity_decode_utf8 function (should only have been used in the core). We now have one standard cms_html_entity_decode function
- Minor fix to {cms_selflink}
- Remove some extra whitespace from editcontent and edittemplate
- Increase Image Manager height
- Fixes issue with French locale string
- Fixes #9598 - Issues with cancel button in changegroupperm and changegroupassign

- Remove {eval} from factory default display templates (will not effect existing installs) [Security fix]
- Fixes #10129 - DoS by specifying extra-large pagelimit (now maximum of 1000) [Security fix]
- Fixes #10452 - Browsecat counting articles that do not start yet