Version 1.11.12 - Seymour Norte
Core - General
- Fixes ShowMessage() and ShowErrors() when using the NCleanGrey Admin theme
- now determine SSL requests in a centralized, and consistent manner
- dynamic root_url calculations now correctly determine schema
- Using HTTPS by default now works for new pages
- Minor fix for default content type selection when loading an object
- Rationalize HTTPS request detection
- Adds a new 403 exception
- Adds a new method IsPermitted in the Content base class
- Ensure that 404 and 403 errors do not cache
- Fixes to caching of block plugins
- Fixes to caching of content blocks on non cachable pages
- now set a global variable CMSMS_GENERATING_XML when generating an XML file

Core - MicroTiny
- Improvements to URL generation

Core - Bug Reports
- #10170 Incorrect setting for session_cache_limiter() in include.php