Because the 0.7.4 release was unstable, we went back to the working code of 0.7.3 and started working from there. First priority: a stable Formbuilder release!

Fixed #7408 - Debug informations shown during upgrade;
Fixed #7450 - countries WAY out of date - causing a few problems with Serbian customers;
Fixed #8510 - Warning: Illegal string offset 'sent';
Fixed #8893 - Text input (multiple) delete button;
Fixed #9296 - Field keeps being required even if unset;
Fixed #9360 - Formbuilder doesn't upload files on multi page forms;
Fixed #9738 - Helptext Form Template Variables;
Fixed #9511 - Missing language string: validation_length;
Fixed #9513 - Undefined variable/index notices in apache log;
Fixed #9959 - When email field isn't required validation makes it required;
Fixed #10255 - File upload does not work when form is incomplete or has errors: removed the delete checkbox and the text with the file name when form submission fails;
(Note: not a bug per se, but an inconsistency: the browsers don't support a default value for file upload fields for security reasons.)
Code cleanup;
Fixes for CMSMS Core 2.0 release;
Field table width is now 100%;
Help text re-written and English only now;