Version 0.13 "Canary" -- May 18 2006

* Added bulk delete/active/inactive of templates
* Added bulk delete of stylesheets
* Added support for lighttpd web server
* Added internal pretty url handling mechanism. It's
going to be turned off on upgrades, but on with new
installs. Make sure the {metadata} tag is in your template
if you plan on using it.
* Added hierarchical url handling as well on the interal
mechanism. You especially want the {metadata} tag with
this option. It's on in new installs.
* Added base tags to the default admin theme
* Added alt tag and removed extra html from the image tag
* Added module API method so modules can output extra CSS for
their admin panels
* Changed module API so that Install, Upgrade, and Uninstall can
now live in method.xxxx.php (lowercase) if the file can be found.
* Changed FCKeditor so that it inserts cms_selflink tags by
default when linking to another page in the site
* Fixed bug with {stylesheet name=""} not working properly
* Fixed bug where default template could be set inactive
* Fixed bug where an inactive template set to default would
not be made active automatically
* Fixed bug with deleting multiple pages and not having
hierarchy gettin reset properly
* Fixed bug where installer would sometimes install a
module twice, causing issues later on
* Fixed bug where query_count doesn't exist when using
regular adodb
* Fixed bug where the module api will complain if the number
of parameters (%s) didn't match in the translated string. Now
it just silently fails.
* Modified config.php file so that it explains what the
different options are
* Updated adodb lite to 1.20
* Updated smarty to 2.6.13