Core - General
- Updated config reference
- Fixes to module loading order stuff
- Fixes so that a modules create_url method is called from module_support CreateLink function
- Adds the TemplatePrefetch event
- Minor fixes to module XML export
- Adds the LoadAllContent method and optimizes loading of content list dropdoowns and Listcontent
- Performance optimizations for static and dynamic URL handling
- Improve the help for content_image
- Performance improvements for listcontent and add/editcontent
- Improved and better documented sample htaccess.txt file
- No longer allow upgrading inactive modules.

Core - Bug Reports
- #8807 Section headers are accessible through changing URL
- #9324 Title is now available when editing a section header
- #9391 Bug in get_template_vars
- #9415 Function get_upload_size on class.cms_config.php doesn't handle upload_max_filesize correct when it is 1G

Core - News
- Adds a dropdown field type to News

Core - Search
- No longer index templates and GCB's
- Now can stop individual content blocks from being indexed