Version 1.11.2 - Isabela
Core - General:
- Minor fix to the en_US.nls file
- Fixes issue with misspelled class name resulted in error when editing/adding content when sitedown was enabled
- Fixes issue with {content_image urlonly=1 ...} and the assign param
- Fixes to the RedirectToAdminTab stuff
- Fixes thumbnail creation stuff to do some file extension checking
- Missing button "View in English" in OneEleven theme
- Minor adjustment to page template parsing to detect
- Fixes to login and admin behavior if users admin theme (or default theme) cannot be found
- Minor modification to smarty to handle closing blocks for block plugins in add/edit template/content
- Fixed problem with forgotten password form in the OneEleven admin theme
- Fixes {cms_selflink} to do nothing in an admin request
- Fixes an error where custom admin lang strings were loaded from the wrong file (according to the docs)
- Updated translations redirect_url tag documentation
- Fix #8368 - Global Content Blocks: Additional editors reset on edit
- Fixes permission problems single user selected as additional editor in GCB
- Fixes problem with module Uninstall process not setting module uninstalled in certain state, even it should
- Compressed all images in OneEleven theme (probably not needed in changelog)
- $nls['locale'] fixes in language .nls files

- Fixes minor expression issue wrt the show_all parameter in the breadcrumb action
- Fixed breadcrumbs templates with using sectionheaders

- Minor adjustments to the savesettings action
- Fixes for advanced mode
- File upload now places a note in the admin log

- Minor fixes
- fesubmit action now documented as deprecated
- Minor fesubmit fix
- fesubmit action is now officially deprecated and won't receive much love in the future.
- Adds a new preference (on by default) that indicates if expired articles should be viewable in detail view