* Added the {metadata} tag for both global and page level
* Added the hierarchy manager for proper caching of site
* Added ability to install xml-ified modules directly from
the admin
* Added menu manager module to replace cssmenu, ellnav,
bulletmenu and the rest. Now output is easily customized using Smarty templates.
* Changed handling of 404 errors and smarty errors. {nocache} should be a showing up less and more sane errors should gracefully appear
* Changed html blobs to global content blocks. {global_content} is the new tag, but {html_blob} will also work just fine.
* Changed all language files to be UTF-8.
* Fixed bug with handling of ISS not giving back all necessary SERVER variables
* Fixed bug where stylesheet would print out an extra url even if there were no stylesheets with blank media types
* Lots of little changes to the module API
* Lots of additions to cms_selflink, including accessibility
* Moved page alias to always show. Added automatic
substitution of many "alternate" characters.
* Smarty now handles the loading of our custom plugins as well.
This means we don't load EVERY plugin and insetad only the ones used on that page.
* Removed the database port from the installer
* Switched to use adodb lite for performance reasons. Currently at version 1.14.
* Updated to Smarty 2.6.12