New version out.. this is a major update. Tons of improvements.. This is the smarty image sizer you can use... so want makes it so smart? well.. :)

Tips.. write your tag like a sentence. Ie.. supersize path with width of x and base64 encode. so

{supersizer path='' width='xx' base64='tag'}

that makes it easy to think about for me :)


capture -- pull images from the web, cache it, size it, cache the sized image, and serve that. !!! it's very nice ;)

base64 -- encode you images so that you can use them in things like a vCard or NMS or....

auto_memory -- auto set the php memory so you don't get fatal error

memory_limit -- set what you want the memory limit to cap out at

usemap -- for image maps

return -- returns instead of echo .. good for UDTs

fit -- retooled a little for the fill

fill - if you need a fixed with but don't want to crop then use this to fill the background.. you rgb or hex values.. ie: #fff

Added function... Now there is error handling so fatal error have a better chance not to kill you site when you have out ran your php limit.

And that is just the start of what you can do with it. Please play and have fun with it.. let me know if you find any issues. And if you have a hard time using it, look for MediaDeploy. It's coming soon and is even more powerful then SuperSizer. This is the smartest image sizer you can get. Nothing comes close. :D have fun.. Cheers -Jeremy