Version 1.9.4 - Faanui
Core - Bug Reports
- #6083 Imagemanager Don't show uploaded files
- #6094 Page alias update old-value after copy-page
- #6096 Content is not showing when changing type back to content
- #6098 Server Response Header `Last-Modified` not changing
- #6099 Deleting alias in editcontent and submitting restores old alias
- #6106 no cache-control in login.php -> no logout!
- #6136 TinyMCE file-manager cache problem
- #6168 canonical tag for news ignoring news_url field
- Fixes problem with image manager and caching in google chrome
and other webkit browsers.
- Fixes problem with caching on ANY and all admin pages
- Fixes problem with with installs using MySQL 5.5.x
(the solution was implemented in the adodb_lite library so
all modules should work).
- Fixes problems with switching content types when editing pages
and content blocks not being restored.
- Minor optimization to adodb_lite for the GetOne and GetRow methods
- Fixes a problem where the contentcache was not being read.

- #6188 using show_all with childrenof does not work

- Fixes a useability issue with the selected tab and the selected letter
after upgrading a module.