Version 1.9 - Bora Bora
- Adds support for custom urls for each content page.
* URLS can be auto created from the page hierarchy, or a custom string
entered. The system checks for duplicate URLS.
* The url mechanism works in addition to the existing alias generated urls
- Add support for a description and a wysiwyg toggle for global content blocks.
- Adds titles and a little bit of customization to the listcontent screen
- Adds the ability to 'run' a UDT from within the admin interface.
- Adds a create_url method to the module api
* The builtin CreateLink method calls this to create the URL portion of the link
* If a prettyurl argument is not passed in, an attempt is made to call the create_pretty_url method in the module to generate one based upon the arguments passed to create_url
- Removes the IsValidRoute() method from the module api that was introduced in 1.8 (it's much better to use the new route mechanism)
- Rewrite the route handing mechanism, adds a new cms_route_manager class and fills out the CmsRoute class.
- Adds a new config entry for the timezone.
- Adds the ability to exclude logged in administrators from seeing the sitedown message.
- Adds preference in siteprefs to enable mandatory URLS
- Adds preference in siteprefs to require page urls be created automatically on add or edit page.
- Adds preference in siteprefs to determine the form of automatically created page urls.
- Add a preference in siteprefs to determine relative path (from image_uploads_path) for image field.
- Add a preference in siteprefs to determine relative path (from image_uploads_path) for thumbnail field.
- Add a preference in siteprefs to determine relative path (from uploads_path ) for content_image tag. (default value for the dir param)
- Modify the content_image tag to check to see if the existing values start with uploads/ and handle that correctly.
- Modify the content_image tag to output absolute URLS.
- Rewrite of the Tree class to be of lighter weight
- Adds a new cms_content_cache class to manage cached content
- Optimize the contentoperations class to handle cached content
- Get rid of the pageinfo stuff... it's redundant (in progress)
- Remove the long deprecated {sitemap} plugin.
- Changed the config from a flat array into an object
- this will introduce E_STRICT errors for anybody using =& $gCms->GetConfig(); etc.
- config variables are now read-only once loaded.
- Added new api functions to reduce the need for using cms internals.
- Make many changes to fix E_STRICT problems, though we don't necessarily support E_STRICT yet.
- Permanently removed scriptaculous
- xajax is now deprecated and will be removed in later versions
- Replace the $gCms->config array with an object. Modifying config variables from within CMSMS will generate a notice.
In later versions we will replace this notice with an error.
- Replace the $gCms->variables array with an object. Now only specific variables can be set without generating a notice.
In later versions we will replace this notice with an error.
- Rewrite of the reorder pages stuff to use jquery. Re-ordering is now completely flexible.
- Fixes bug with the {cms_stylesheet name='foo'} syntax.
- The language lists in the global settings and user settings now will be restricted to available installed languages.
- The process_pagedata plugin is called even when showtemplate=false is used.
- use_hierarchy parameter is dropped now, because the page_url stuff far surpasses it.
- Many minor changes to the themes.
- An overhaul to the NCleanGrey admin theme... Many thanks to Nuno Costa for this great improvement.
- Images and logos with Trademarks are now used.
- The cms_selflink tag has been improved and is now translatable.

Theme Manager
- Now handles attached images much better.

- Fixes method conflicts between the installer and the upgrade routine.
(may be a few addmes yet that have to be added to the core lang stuff).
- Fixes module install stuff
- Now asks for the timezone
- if use_hierarchy was false in the config.php, on upgrade the page alias will be copied to the page_url field.
- Now attempt to silently create the config.php on install. For 90% of installations on well configured hosts, this SHOULD fail... but it may be useful to somebody.

- image and thumbnail fields now output absolute URLS.
- Adds the ability to cache the menumanager output into uniquely named cache files
- Adds the nocache parameter.

- Adds support for custom urls for each news article

- Major update to this module, now in version 2.8.0
- Fixed issue with double alias in the URL, when 'internal' is used for url_rewriting.
- Rewrote test-area
- Added an option to avoid Tiny's linkconversion, makes {smarty} in urls possible
- Added an optional addition to the output of the CMSLinker, both in selflink or href method
- Removed last non-cms entrypoint, filepicker
- Imageuploading now honers the site-thumbnailsize setting
- Uploading non-images when in imageselector now works
- Generation thumbnails when uploading images right after installation fixed
- Updated to Tiny