Version 1.8 - Madagascar
- #3255 Shortcuts in admin section should omit server name
- #3825 Error in demo template "Top simple navigation + left subnavigation + 1 column"
- #4016 Add Pages permission cannot be removed from new groups
- #4211 simple_navigation.tpl broken
- Added Section Header in stylesheet "Navigation: Simple - Horizontal"
- #4720 Error in
- #4895 lang=0 versus lang="0" on cms_selflink help page
- #4907 Content/Pages/Edit Page Content is not translated
- #4929 Copy page - can't select section header
- #4941 Error in Search Module
- #4952 Alias changes if user has no permission "Manage All Content"
- #4993 Cannot add new section header
- #5062 Date Format String in Admin Prefs too Short
- #5090 Print module: includetemplate parameter doesn't work
- Fixed issue where thumbnail width and height wasnt taken.
- Generate an error if there is no default content detected when saving
a page, this should help with the problem of no {content} block with
content type pages.
- Generate unique content block names if trying to use something that
already exists.
- Fixes with HTTPS stuff and the secure option
- Remove alot of long deprecated callback methods.
- Update the phpdoc documentation
- Removed the 'community help' links for modules.
- re-work the lang mechanism to be smarter, and faster.
- Remove the old 404 handler stuff
- The {stylesheet} tag is now deprecated, use {cms_stylesheet} instead.
- General cleanup of unused functions and methods.

Feature request
- #380 use variables in stylesheets.

- Fixed issue with sorting of articleid.

- #2488 Apply and Submit does not work in certain scenario
- #4906 Error W3C on accessible_simple_navigation.tpl
- Adds the childrenof parameter so that you can do something like
{menu childrenof=$page_alias}

- #4978 Fix typo in script

- Many improvements.