So what new:

removeUniqueness (optional) Default:false Highly discouraged
Remove uniqueness of the created file, or in other words keep
the old name ( true/false )

crop (optional) Default:false A must if you set height and width
or use a percentage This will center the image and crop from
edge in. Don't like that? Use the X and Y arguments to offset,
but the pxs are in relation to the original size image, if you
need to make that dynamic use smarty magic. Example: to move
to the left of center crop="true,-50, 0" ( "true,X,Y"/"false" )

NEW filter

IMAGEHUE - This is different from COLORIZE, it's much more like
Photoshop's hue function. Use farg1 , farg2 and farg3
respectively as red , blue , green. The range for each color
is 0 to 255. see the diff
here the
Space Test is the IMAGEHUE and the ones above are COLORIZE..
Same numbers ... big diff right

More descriptive Errors

AND!!!! use filters together....

here is how
{supersizer path=$File height="200" width="200" crop=true
filter="SMOOTH,GRAYSCALE,COLORIZE" farg1="50,,60" farg2=",,45"
farg3=",,10" farg4=",,0"}<<< HOW TO DO sepia

•Fixed the space issues and getting error with getimagesize()
not finding the file talked about lower in this post and the
fact that I was alerted today that one could use the path...
that over sight is corrected. - If you used the image's server
path as a fix , that has been removed. Use path="uploads/…/image.jpg"
or path="…/image.jpg"

•Fixed the issue with "//" if a subdomain

Read the help for more information… Get creative… SuperSize it!!!