Version 1.6.6 - Bonde
- #3777 Documentation Error: redirect_url plugin
- #3923 Adminlog download, tab separator single quoted
- #3926 Little typo in stylesheet.
- #3935 Validation error in stylesheet 'Accessibility and cross-browser tools'
- #4002 menu parameter start_level='2' don't show results.
- #4068 Admin Log, update "HTML Blob" to "Global Content Block"
- #4118 die() with blank page
- Fix problem with showinmenu for separators.
- Fix error pages being able to be set inactive in listcontent.
- Fix error in permissions checking for copying content.
- Fixes issues with the PDF output only working of the pdf flag was turned OFF
- Submit is not taken on forms, when .htaccess is used and page_extension = ''.
*** FIXES RELATED TO session.use_cookies == off ****
NOTE: This is not a recommended setting, and future versions of CMSMS will not in any way
support this setting. Please contact your hosts to ensure that this setting is enabled
- This issue has probably been the cause of many tinyMCE issues in the past.
- The install and upgrade routines will fail if this setting is off
- The install and upgrade routines now explicitly check for this setting.
- TinyMCE 2.2.5 now supports session.use_cookies == off (for now)
- ImageManager no longer displays the login screen with session.use_cookies == off