- Fixes of several bugs:
- #2786 Bulk page changes don't show messages
- #2831 Upgrade process continue even if database is empty
- #3040 no external view after moving pages up and down (and deleting pages)
in listcontent
- #3123 Installer overly restricts account names
- #3179 Ability to show when news items were last updated
- #3189 check if udt exists
- #3190 Error with link rel="canonical"
- #3257 Non-admin users can create admin users
- #3451 typos in plugins page_image and page_attr
- Drop all assign_by_ref in Installer
- Missing $frontendlang in siteprefs, thanks to jce76350
- Fixed lot of anchor issues (hoppe one for all)
- Fixed issue with breadcrumbs in admin theme
- Fixed issue with encoding entities in cms_selflink tag
- Removed the javascript in the changegroupperms and changegroupassign
stuff, and replaced it with a filter button.
- More...

- Feature Requests:
- #2605 adding a 'forgot password' submission on the login panel
- #3048 News: Only show expiration-date when checkbox is set

- Core additions:
- Ability to set a page as the 404 error page. Replaces
the existing custom 404 stuff to allow for more
- Rework of the 'Add Pages' permission
- This permission allows that you can only add pages as children
of pages you are either owner of, or additional editor of.
- Remove the 'Modify Page Structure' permission
- Add a 'Manage All Content permission that provides global
capability on all content objects. Only users with this permission
can add top level pages.
- Rework of the content types
- Faster, leaner, smarter
- {content} block is now just a shortcut for {content block='content_en'}
and there is no special handling
- Add the ability for a site administrator to select which fields are visible
to normal editors when adding or editing content.
- Complete rewrite of site preferences
- Page Preview now works for templates with multiple content blocks
- Add the ability to specify ip addresses to exclude from the sitedown
- Clean up the config.php file
- Remove the two pretty url variables and replace it with one
variable that can have three values. This should help eliminate
a few problems.
- Add a set_names variable that allows databases to use utf-8 by default
on new installs (true on new installs, false is assumed).
- Remove old, invalid config entries.
- Add a possibility to hide wiki_url from ERRORPAGE $config['wiki_url'] ='none'

- Menu Manager
- Complete rewrite of the admin interface. It is now much easier to
understand, and also possible to select different a different default
- Add the loadprops parameter to turn on loading all content properties
for advanced menus.

- News
- #2620 Extra fields are not displayed in the print template
- #3163 Typo in News module
- #3277 Drafts are not saved properly in News 2.9.3
- Fixed problem with incorrect counts (counting draft articles) in browsecat

- Module Manager
- Now supports checking for newer versions of installed modules.
- Now does dependency checking before allowing a download of a module.

- Libs Updates:
- xAjax 0.5
- script.aculo.us 1.8.2 (included Update to Prototype
- Dynamic Tabs 1.0.3

- TinyMCE
- Rewrote profile handling allowing both a simple and an advanced profile
in backend
- Rewrote frontenddetection to be more stable
- Improved Filepicker dialogue allowing on-the-fly scaling of images
- Updated to Tiny-distribution, including a rewritten more intelligent Paste

- Printing
- Now supports simple output from modules
- Fixed links in pdf-generation

- Search
- Template, added a class to submit and adjustments.
- New Param for method Post (pretty urls) -
E.g. {search search_method="post"}
- Remove Help Tab
- Add better statistics capabilities.

- Default Themes
- New theme NCleanBlue (thank you Nuno).
- Numerous new themes for default content (thank you Mark).