Version 1.3 "Cuba" -- June 7, 2008
- Massive updates to translations
- Includes TinyMCE 2.4.0b5
(this should be a release version by the time 1.3 comes out)
- Includes FileManager 0.3.0b2
(this should be a release version by the time 1.3 comes out)
- Includes News 2.8
- Fixes for pretty urls
- Adds news_extra and custom field support to the fesubmit action
- Uses cms_html_entity_decode for php4 compatibility
- Removes the News content type once and for all
- Includes Search 1.5
- Adds the ability to change the search output on a per module basis
- Adds an ability to track search words
- Better templating for News
- More
- Includes MenuManager 1.5
- Pass all parameters to the menumanager template for easier customization
- Fixes for has_children
- Minor fixes
- Includes ModuleManager 1.1.6
- Now indicates that a module available in the repository is incompatible
with the current CMS version
- A nice big notice on the top of the display about xml vs zip modules
- Cleanup on uninstall
- Includes a new admin theme generously donated by Nuno Costa
- All plugins are now translatable
- The title and sitename plugins now support the assign param
- Adds two new plugins (redirect_page and redirect_url)
- Debug mode now tweaks the display_errors and error levels
in the admin section as well as in the frontend
- Listcontent is now cleaned-up and has better security checks
- Minor improvements to listmodules
- Admin templates are now override-able by creating a matching file in