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ID Summary Open Date Resolution State Assigned To Submitted By
5210 Add button for Items 2010-07-26 None Open Georg Busch Reiner Evangelista
6470 Adding Global Content 2011-05-11 Awaiting Response Open Nobody Dar A
6591 better control on size of WYSIWYG editor 2011-06-21 None Open Nobody Ludger Merkens
6734 active=true/false 2011-08-03 None Open Georg Busch franck delaunay
7018 Performance? 2011-10-25 Awaiting Response Open Nobody Kenneth Griffith
7990 use syntax highlighter for templates 2012-05-25 None Open Nobody Jonathan Schmid
8106 Pick certain FEU groups to hide from menu 2012-07-04 None Open Georg Busch Alex Buckland
8233 block_type radio button 2012-08-10 None Open Georg Busch nic mare
8837 'Set all pages to type Advanced Content' 2013-01-17 Won't Fix Open Nobody Lewis Howles
9217 Add variable isleft 2013-05-01 None Open Nobody Roman
9336 Add the availability to interpret variable (MLE) 2013-06-21 None Open Nobody jean-christophe ghio
11230 please please please, Advanced Content for CMSMS 2.0 2016-12-05 None Open Nobody Jen Hall