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[#11538] Filepicker fatal error when double clicking subdirectory

Created By: stephen cooper (scooper)
Date Submitted: Mon Aug 14 13:42:46 -0400 2017

Assigned To:
Version: 2.2.2
CMSMS Version: 2.2.2
Severity: Minor
Resolution: Fixed
State: Closed
Filepicker fatal error when double clicking subdirectory
Detailed Description:
This may in part be down to my slow cloud server - but I can repeat it
consistently across various sites:

Open an instance of the Filepicker module - using one from the Options tab of a
standard Content item will do.
Browse to a directory containing sub-directories.
Double click on a sub-directory as fast as you can. 
Filepicker fails with an error:

Fatal error: Uncaught LogicException: Invalid path_a passed to
FilePicker\PathAssistant::to_relative_sub: in
Stack trace: #0
FilePicker\PathAssistant->to_relative_sub(false, '/var/sites/h/hw...') #1
FilePicker\PathAssistant->to_relative('/var/sites/h/hw...') #2
include('/var/sites/h/hw...') #3
CMSModule->DoAction('filepicker', 'm1_', Array, '') #4
CMSModule->DoActionBase('filepicker', 'm1_', Array, '', Object(Smarty_CMS)) #5
{main} thrown in
on line 40

Close the modal window with the error in and reopen the Filepicker - you'll now
be in the sub-dir you tried to open.
You can navigate happily through the sub directories if you do a single click
and wait for the page to load.

I'm assuming this is some kind of race condition - but you'll have a better idea
than me I'm sure.

Happy to provide test login if you can't repeat. 



Date: 2017-10-01 13:36
Posted By: Robert Campbell (calguy1000)

fixed in svn thanks

Updated: 2017-11-25 12:29
state: Open => Closed

Updated: 2017-10-01 13:36
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