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ID Summary Open Date Severity Version Resolution State Assigned To Submitted By
2126 Use WYSIWYG option is only shown in settings when FCKeditorX is installed 2008-02-26 Minor Accepted Open Krisztian Kishazi Ronny Krijt
6346 wrong parts in help 2011-04-01 None Accepted Open Krisztian Kishazi
7249 smarty not work if guestbook's entry changed 2011-11-25 Minor Awaiting Response Open Krisztian Kishazi Vadim
8502 Guestbook can not be included on a page template 2012-10-11 None 1.4_RC2 None Open Nobody Cees Kaas
8521 Can't select page content type guestbook when adding new page 2012-10-15 Critical 1.4_RC2 None Open Nobody Alwin
8728 Guestbook offers an upgrade (Modulemanager) in 1.10.3 to, running that breaks CMSMS 2012-12-08 Minor None Open Nobody Jan van Leeuwen
8923 Pagination links aren't valid 2013-02-09 Minor None Open Krisztian Kishazi Cebalraj
9409 values in $paginate array are not correct on the last page 2013-07-18 Minor 1.4_RC2 None Open Nobody Deleted User
9452 multiple "Notice: Undefined index: " errors in class.GuestbookFrontend.php 2013-08-03 Critical 1.4_RC2 None Open Nobody Twan Wintjes
9686 cmsms hangs in update process if /modules/guestbook/ exists 1.4.RC2 2013-11-25 Minor None Open Nobody Dominik Lenné
10516 Admin fails after upgrade to 1.12 2015-05-08 Critical 1.4_RC1 None Open Krisztian Kishazi Rolf